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Cannulation Training – CPD Approved

This is a highly efficient, NHS-accepted one-day training that will help you boost your job prospects in the healthcare sector by rewarding you with a CPD-accredited certificate.

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Practical Cannulation Training

For healthcare personnel who need to become proficient in inserting a cannula into a patient's vein, extensive knowledge and practical training is required. You can become more competent and confident in your ability to carry out this process precisely and safely with the help of this training. It also aids in their comprehension of the possible issues that could develop during cannulation and how to handle them.

This CPD Accredited course includes both comprehensive theory and interactive practical on latex arms. You will get plenty of time to perfect your technique and gain confidence in performing successful cannulations. Also, you’ll be able to book the training at the location and time that suits your preference.

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15th Jun Birmingham

IV Cannulation Course in Birmingham

0/15 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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21st Aug Birmingham

IV Cannulation Course in Birmingham

3/15 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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24th Oct Birmingham

IV Cannulation Course in Birmingham

6/15 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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12th Dec Birmingham

IV Cannulation Course in Birmingham

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Other Trainings by Phlebotomy Training Institute

We also offer a variety of other trainings in the healthcare field, including basic phlebotomy, cannulation, and catheterisation programs. These additional trainings can help individuals expand their skill set and enhance their career opportunities in the healthcare industry.

The Advanced Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy Training

We offer a 3-hour online and 8-hour practical expert guided training program on basic phlebotomy, ensuring the learners have up-to-date knowledge and skills. Our training program is accepted by the NHS and accredited by CPD. The training covers techniques like venepuncture and specimen collection, boosting confidence and proficiency in their careers.

Cannulation Training

Advanced Competency Phlebotomy Training

In the UK, phlebotomy is a highly desirable profession with a high average pay. This 3 days Advanced Phlebotomy Training is dedicated to a practical training that provides hands-on instruction from professional educators utilising a variety of tools and techniques. Candidates who already possess phlebotomy abilities and are able to comprehend and implement the training modules from the Basic Phlebotomy Course are eligible to enrol in the NHS-approved and CPD-accredited course.

After successfully completing the training, every learner will get a nationally accredited certificate, competency certificate and a recommendation letter that will help them boost their career.

Cannulation Training
The Advanced Phlebotomy

Practical Catheterisation Training

Our catheterisation training program offers comprehensive instruction on the proper insertion and management of urinary catheters. Participants will gain practical experience and in-depth knowledge on techniques and procedures, enhancing their ability to provide necessary medical interventions and support. This training is beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their skill set and advance their careers in fields like urology, geriatrics, and post-operative care and healthcare.

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  1. Confidence Booster

    This course greatly boosted my confidence in performing cannulation, thanks to its thorough curriculum and hands-on training.

    Joe Garner
  2. Professional Mentorship and Expertise

    The guidance from highly experienced professionals was a standout feature. Their mentorship and expertise made a significant difference in my learning and skill development.

    Paige Barnes
  3. Invaluable Networking Opportunities

    The course not only provides excellent training but also access to a network of healthcare professionals. Great for ongoing support and professional growth. A must-attend for aspiring professionals.

    Charlie Gregory

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a cannula?

A cannula is a long, thin plastic tube that is inserted into a vein with the help of a guiding needle. Once the cannula is inserted, the needle can be removed.

Why do we perform cannulation?

Hospitals frequently use it for inserting fluids and drugs to increase their effects.

Why is phlebotomy knowledge desirable?

Phlebotomy and cannulation are identical until the vein placement; cannulation is more intrusive because it requires access into a vein.

Is it possible for me to attend this course?

Yes, anyone can attend this course; it's not just for medical professionals. However, before joining this course, you must have knowledge of basic phlebotomy.

Will this course provide any job guarantees?

Lead Academy has never promised a candidate a job, although assistance can be provided. Moreover, having numerous abilities would undoubtedly improve your chances of landing a job.

Is this course certified?

Yes, this course is CPD certified.

What type of certificate will I receive?

Upon successful completion, a cannulation certificate will be issued that is accredited by CPD

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